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Since 1976, I have had four different workshops. The first had only one stationary grinder, the 6″ x 48″ machine you’ll see in the photo tour, and occupied a tiny part of my parent’s basement.

Things have changed a great deal since then-My current shop is 24’ x 24’ with 12 foot ceilings. Plenty big for a one-man shop. It contains pretty much every tool I want and need to build precision knives of the highest quality. It is (generally) clean and well lit, heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. It is not probably the prettiest shop you will ever see, but it is well organized and very efficient. It is a place I enjoy being in and is most definitely a reflection of my personality.

Everything in it works as it should, and I know each-and-every machine’s personality. It may sound odd, but I have come to understand and respect these machines and tools in a way that pleases me to no end. Maybe that is the true meaning of “Working with tools”.

Sit back and enjoy the tour!

RJ Martin

A tour of my shop

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Left side of my shop, as seen from the top of the staircase at the entrance

An afternoon with Armsraised and the USN. RJ and Michael finish a Trailblazer, sharpen Striders and smoke cigars...

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